Tank Factory Studios, Acton

from 2020


Opening in October 2020, the Tank Factory Studios comprise four stages converted from old industrial premises.  A former tank factory in fact, located in Stanley Gardens, Acton.  They all have permanent white cycs and are fully air-conditioned with a ‘Covid 19-busting 3-in-one purification system.’

The stages are approximately 7,550 sq ft, 5,200 sq ft, 6,400 sq ft and 5,200 sq ft but are irregular shapes.  Their primary market seems to be commercials, music videos and photoshoots.  However, the management have said that they are keen to attract multicamera TV work and to that end they have an arrangement with facilities company Prolink to supply the necessary kit, when required.  These are the people who provide the equipment at the Cactus studio in Clapham.  Studios 1, 2 and 3 have been equipped with motorised truss grids and lighting kit is available for hire.  I have yet to hear of any multicamera TV shows being recorded here so far – can you help with any info?