Indie-Zero Film Studios, Greenwich

from 2023



The first stage to open in 2023. Four more stages are planned.
image thanks to Indie-Zero Film Studios


In June 2023, Indie-Zero were granted planning permission to develop and expand their existing site in Kellner Road, Woolwich – which is within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  They had already opened the 85 x 45 ft studio E and are intending to add 4 more sound stages.  The existing stage provides 56dB sound proofing, a 20,000 kg grid at 27ft and all the usual support facilities.  They are also planning to install a 20 x 75ft high-res 180 degree LED screen.  When complete, the studios will offer 25,300 sq ft of stage space, 6,200 sq ft of production offices and 8,600 sq ft of workshops.  There will also be an attractive central atrium containing a restaurant, bar and meeting spaces.

The company intends to nurture the next generation of film-makers whilst running an environmentally friendly enterprise.  Businesses that are signed up to take space at the centre include film production and editing companies, a creative production agency and a film medical services outfit.  There is space for about a dozen other companies to be based here too.