OMA Studio X, Enfield

from 2021



Building on the success of its first OMA studios, in May 2021 The Location Collective revealed another converted film studio site.  This one is 750 metres from the OMA Studio One facility in Enfield but is somewhat larger.  The facility, called OMA Studio X occupies a 10 acre warehouse site and is contained within one huge building, with parking and hard standing surrounding it.

There are 6 sound stages, although two of them are described as ‘Flexi-Stages’ and can be configured to contain workshops, prop stores, costume stores, crowd holding, dining area etc.  They do however have the same grids and power supplies as the dedicated stages so it is up to the production to specify how they will use them.  In addition to these spaces there are also the usual workshops, stores, production offices etc available.


oma x schematic 450p


The grid height throughout is an impressive 46ft, which makes these stages particularly appealing to productions that need large sets.  The stages are as follows:


A – 282 x 140ft (39,000 sq ft)

B – 300 x 140ft (41,000 sq ft)

C – 151 x 130ft (19,000 sq ft)

D – Flexi Stage – 127 x 130ft (16,500 sq ft)

E – Flexi Stage – 127 x 130ft (16,500 sq ft)

F – 176 x 130ft (22,000 sq ft)


The studios opened in the autumn of 2021.

Credits for OMA One and X include:

Slow Horses seasons 1, 2 & 3, Invasion season 2, Silo, The Essex Serpent, Suspicion, Bad Sisters, Trying seasons 2 & 3 and Liaison (all for Apple TV+) and The Strays (for Netflix.)


Stage A
with thanks to OMA X