Segro Studios (Netflix), Enfield

from 2022


In October 2021 Netflix signed a deal to take a lease on the 230,000 sq ft Segro Park speculative development in Enfield.  It sits next to the River Lee navigation canal and comprises three large warehouses, which have been converted into sound stages and workshops.  There are also the usual facilities for props, costume, make-up and production offices.  The site is very close to London Film Studios, which also opened in 2022.

Anna Mallett, Netflix vice president of physical production in the UK is quoted as saying:  “We are delighted to announce our new lease at Segro Park Enfield.  It builds on our commitment to spend over $1bn on productions across the UK this year, invest in the creative community, and support the next generation of talent.”

Netflix are very secretive about what goes on in the facilities they have taken over.  I wish I could give more details about these new studios but apart from the initial announcement when they opened, we are all left in the dark as to what the facilities are and what productions have been filmed in them.  If you have any info you can pass on in confidence it would of course be very much welcomed!