The rest of the UK – today

(more or less)


I began this website only covering London’s TV studios – hence the title – but eventually it expanded to include studios elsewhere in the country.  To put a limit on things though, I have only included studios that make TV (several are also used for feature films) and ones that are in use now, or within the past few years.

Incidentally – I’m only including TV production studios that make a variety of programmes for network transmission on UK channels – not those built for a specific soap (eg Doctors) or regional news studios.  

Please don’t ask me why I’m not including the history of all the various Southern/Central/Border TV studios or whatever your particular interest is. I’m simply summarising here what we have now and have had for the past few years in the UK.  If you want to create your own history of regional studios – feel free and I’ll happily give your site a link!


film and TV studios listed below…

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