Farnborough Film Studios

from 2021

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Stage 50 is a company that began advertising its product towards the end of 2020.  They have developed a system that enables a fully equipped and soundproofed sound stage to be erected in only 4 months.  The stages can be dismantled and re-erected on another site after a few months or years if required but inside they have no appearance of being at all temporary.

This ingenious system is certainly very welcome as the industry is desperate for suitable facilities to film the considerable number of TV dramas that are currently being made in the UK.  The name ‘Stage 50’ is because they anticipate erecting at least 50 sound stages over the next few years.


The interior of one of the Farnborough stages.  Although rapid-build, this looks as well-equipped as any ‘normal’ sound stage.


The first site to open using these stages is at Farnborough.  A similar number of miles from London down the M3 as Shinfield Studios are down the M4, these studios are a very useful addition to the facilities in and around the capital.  There are 2 stages of 22,000 sq ft each as well as 20,000 sq ft of workshops, 10,000 sq ft of office space and 50,000 sq ft of unit base and parking.

Hartswood Films are the first clients at Farnborough, moving in during June 2021.  You may recall that this company has an impressive CV of TV dramas including Sherlock, Dracula and Jekyll and, some years ago, the sitcoms Coupling and Men Behaving Badly.  Credits for these studios include 3 Body Problem for Netflix, The Devil’s Hour for Amazon and Inside Man for BBC and Netflix.  Series 2 of The Devil’s Hour began filming in February 2023.  Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire also filmed some scenes here in 2023 (as well as at Winnersh and Shinfield Studios.)


Stage 50 are also building 6 stages at Winnersh Triangle and are planning to construct 8 at Wycombe Air Park.  In November 2023 Stage 50 announced a new partnership with Universal Production Services, who now provide all lighting and other equipment in their studios.