London Film Studios, Enfield

from 2022


stage A


In September 2022 London Film Studios was officially launched, with its first five stages totalling over 25,000 sq ft of production space.

It is described as a ‘purpose-built studio solution for any film, television or creative agency wanting a flexible space.’

Based on the banks of the River Lee Navigation in Enfield, the facility offers a 4,988 sq ft U-shaped cove stage (Stage A), a 2,256 sq ft drive-in green screen stage (Stage B), a 3,264 sq ft U-shaped cove stage (Stage C), a 6,000 sq ft black stage (Stage D) and a 9,405 sq ft warehouse stage (Stage E).  More stages were planned to be added in 2023 but in March 2024 their website was still advertising four stages.

These studios were created by Danny Hayward, who has extensive experience in lighting rental.  Not surprisingly therefore, the stages are very gaffer-friendly, with motorised truss grids and 3-phase power sources, one on either side of the stage and one specifically for dimmer packs, eliminating the need for cables to be trunked from one side to the other.

Some of the funding to create the studios was provided by the Productive Valley Fund, a business support fund organised by Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest councils.

I have yet to establish what has been filmed here so far.  Can you help?