Troubadour Brent Cross Studios

from 2022


Only two days after the new RD Studios were announced in December 2021, Troubadour released a press statement revealing that they had taken over an old Toys “R” Us store at Brent Cross, further adding to London’s available space for filming.  (Toys “R” Us ceased trading in April 2018 after 34 years in the UK.)

The 150,000 sq ft building is next to where the A41 crosses the North Circular and is about 10 miles from Troubadour’s Meridian Water Studios.  They have taken out a 3 year lease on the property, which contains a 27,000 sq ft area which will be used as a filming stage.  Store rooms are being converted into prop stores, workshops and wardrobe areas.

The site will contain a skills academy with 150 ‘training opportunities.’  This will be run in conjunction with Meridian Water Studios.  Troubadour are also managing the old Fountain Studios in Wembley but that is used mostly as a theatre.  This studio became available early in 2022.


the interior of the main stage.
thanks to Troubadour