Hoddesdon Studios

from 2021 – 2026


image thanks to Fidens Studios


In February 2021, Broxbourne Borough Council granted temporary planning permission for a new film studio in Units 1 and 2 of Charlton Meads Industrial Estate.  In fact, it is thought that work had already begun on the site at this time.  The studio was expected to operate for five years.  The former storage and distribution warehouse units had been unoccupied for almost three years before the initial plans were submitted, and will revert back to their warehouse use in 2026.  The company using the buildings is Silo 13 Productions, who have links with American TV network AMC Studios, best known for making The Walking Dead.

Well-established prop hire company Keeley Hire is located very close to the studio, which is handy.

 The first series of sci-fi drama Silo was made here for Apple TV+ from August 2021 to the summer of 2022.  Season 2 began filming from late June 2023.  However, reports suggest that work was on hold in the summer and autumn due to the US actors strike.  Filming restarted in December 2023 and wrapped in March 2024.  It is thought that a Netflix series may also have been made at Hoddesdon early in 2023.

According to the British Film Commission website, the studio has 5 stages, each around 22,000 sq ft.  There are also 60,000 sq ft of prop stores, workshops, production offices and canteen.

This studio is not far from the new Sunset Studios which are due to open from 2026, if and when they go ahead.


Many thanks to John Bain for bringing the studio to my attention.