Holyport Studios, near Maidenhead

outline planning permission submitted in January 2023


The site for the proposed studios is indicated in red.  The land to the south and west is where the stages will be built.  The land to the east is the back lot and nature park.  Bray Studios are indicated in blue.
A schematic of the proposed studios.
with thanks to Holyport Studios

Greystoke Land announced in October 2022 that they were proposing a new film studio to the south-east of Holyport, near Maidenhead in Berkshire.  It is located about two and a half miles from Bray Studios.  The number of sound stages has not been mentioned but looking at the illustration above, it looks to be around 20, plus workshops and other facilities.  A VR studio is also included.  Sustainability and the environment are high on the list of considerations and the developers are aspiring for the studios to be net zero in operation.

The site is on green belt land so planning approval is far from certain.  In fact, as soon as the proposals were made public, local residents voiced their concerns.  Local councillor David Coppinger, Maidenhead’s lead member for environmental services, parks and countryside, indicated that he opposes any development on this area of green belt land.  However, he would be supportive of the studios if they were sited elsewhere.  Other local politicians have not voiced an opinion but are waiting to see the detailed plans.  Public consultation began in the autumn of 2022 and the final plans will take into account the views of local residents.

The proposals include two clusters of stages and other facilities, a backlot area and a 16.9-hectare area to be turned into a nature park and cricket pitch.  A new roundabout on the B3024 will be constructed with access to the site.

Outline planning permission was reportedly sought in January 2023.  However, as of March 2024 I can find no applications for this scheme on the local council’s planning website.


The proposed plans.