Intertel – 66 Dean St

1970 – ?


intertel dean st studio ad 300p
This advertisement appeared in the Feb 1970 edition of Wireless World.  A less detailed ad was also published the previous month.
thanks to Geoff Hale for sending me this ad


Intertel  are covered in some detail on the ‘Old ITV studios’ page under ‘Wycombe Road’ as they owned the large studio in Stonebridge Park.  However, in April 1969 they were taken over by LWT who ran that studio as one of their own.  Curiously, the name ‘Intertel’ appears to have continued – in the ad above it is called ‘Intertel Colour Television but in other sources ‘Intertel VTR Services’.  One assumes that the business was still owned by LWT but operated separately.

As can be seen from the advertisement above, at the beginning of 1970 they set up a small studio with associated VTR and other facilities at 66 Dean St, Soho.  The size of the studio is unknown but it was probably relatively small.

Paul Venner worked briefly in the Dean St studio during the Intertel days and recalls that it was in the basement along with the technical facilities.  He reckons that it had 2 or 3 cameras and was used mostly for commercials and down the line interviews.

Intertel merged with TVR to form TVI only a few months later in September 1970 and it is possible that they left this studio then or soon after – unless of course you know different.  (TVR owned a studio in Whitfield St – see above.)

Any more info on this studio gratefully received!