Ealing Broadcast Centre (Timeline TV)

from 2021


Studio 1
thanks to Timeline TV
Studio 2, soon after opening
photo thanks to Bradley Woollett


You may recall that Timeline TV ran the BT Sport studios at Here East on the Olympic Park from 2013 until those studios closed in June 2023.  They also had a small TV studio at Ealing Studios between 2008 and 2023.

In 2021 they decided to expand their facilities in Ealing but the site in B Block at the film studios was too small to develop.  So in May of that year they took over a building on the Uxbridge Road in Ealing that was originally intended to be a data centre.  One of the advantages of this was that it has relatively high ceilings.  They named it Ealing Broadcast Centre (EBC).  Studio 1 opened with Channel 4’s Paralympic coverage.  The state of the art facilities include dressing rooms, production offices, green rooms, edit suites, VO booths and very well-equipped galleries.  Connectivity is second to none, enabling control of remote cameras on location as well as the studio here.

They have expanded their facilities over the past few years and as of March 2024 they have the following:

Studio 1: (opened in 2021)  Basement.  48 x 42 ft.  Bristol Scenics Cyc enabling both hard set and green screen operation.  Mo-Sys tracking system installed.
Studio 2: (opened in 2022)  Basement.  64 x 36 ft.
Studio 3: (opened in 2022)  First floor.  14 x 23 ft.  Green infinity cove for full time VR operation.  Mo-Sys tracking system installed.
Studio 4: (opened in 2023)  Fourth Floor.  38 x 19 ft.  Green infinity cove for full time VR operation. Mo-Sys tracking system installed.
Studio 2 was originally home to Talk TV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored and Jeremy Kyle Live studio shows before these moved to Talk TV’s own facilities in The News Building at London Bridge.  It’s now used for hard set bookings by various ad hoc production clients.
Studio 4 is permanently booked by Racecourse Media Group for their Racing TV Operations.  RMG are permanently based on the entire 4th floor with production offices, their own master control room (over 200 video lines bringing in feeds from the various racecourses), production control and edit facilities.  RMG moved here from the Ealing Studios site in December 2023.
British Basketball League are based at EBC with a permanent office on the 2nd floor.  They are a regular client in Studio 3 as well as numerous control rooms as every British basketball fixture (over 260 a year) is covered using remote production facilities at EBC.  At least one match a week is broadcast on Sky Sports while others feature on streaming platforms.
ITV Sport have their media management operation located at EBC with an operational space in the building managing both live line ingest as well as file operations with the entire media management and archive being provided by a managed service contract delivered by Timeline.  This moved to EBC in 2022.  ITV Sport are also a regular ad hoc user of studios 1, 2 and 3 at EBC as well as other production and post production facilities.
Sail GP world feed remote production, WSL remote production (for BBC), Formula one production (Channel 4) and NFL show (ITV) are other regular production clients.
I am grateful to Bradley Woollett, Head of Engineering at Timeline TV for much of the above information.
The master control room
photo thanks to Bradley Woollett