Kentish Town Studios

2004 – 2015?


kentish town studio 1 wide 450p


This small centre opened in 2004 as eeZee Studios.  It was primarily used by the JML group to make ‘infomercials’.  Later equipped with two studios, up until 2011 the business also made shows for digital channels such as Living TV, UKTV and the History Channel.  Examples include Britain’s Next Top Model, When Were We Funniest? and 50 Things You Should Know.


There were two studios – studio 1 was 68 x 48 metric ft – so slightly larger than the studio at The Hospital Club.  Grid height was relatively low at 14ft.  The studio also had a paintable infinity curve cyc on two walls.  Studio 1 was fully equipped with production, sound and lighting galleries and 5 x Thomson LDK1707 cameras.  It had a scaffold lighting grid with 65 dimmers available.

Studio 2 opened in February 2008 and was about 30ft x 25ft.  Although at first just a 4-waller, studio 2 was equipped with galleries and three Thomson cameras in 2009 and was equipped with a choice of cycs.  The studio had 50 dimmers and a selection of lights available.

From February 2011 the studios were taken over by a client who used them for live transmission from May of that year on a long-term booking.  However, in January 2015 they were being marketed again.


I don’t think these studios still exist.  Can you confirm this?  There appears to be no sign of them on the Internet any longer.  The last post on their Facebook page was in October 2015.