Park Royal TV Broadcasting Studios

from 2020


park royal studio 1 450p
Above – studio 1. Below – the impressive lighting grid. With thanks to Park Royal TV

park royal lighting grid 450p


These studios, in Central Park, Park Royal, opened in 2020 offering a unique facility.  There are 2 fully equipped TV studios complete with cameras and a lighting grid with motorised hoists.  The selling point is that they are immediately ready to use, with studio 2 having a green screen at one end and a large curved video wall at the other.  Augmented Reality is also available. 

Studio 1, meanwhile, is an impressive 10,000 sq ft and is filled with four high quality sets consisting of interview area, demo area, discussion area etc.  Clients can bring their own graphics to load into the video walls and screens, and lighting can be colour coordinated to match company identities.

Aimed at anyone who needs a smart looking set to present an insert to a documentary or to host an interview or a whole programme, these studios have found a niche in the market that nobody had noticed before was missing!  The technical facilities are second to none and enable live broadcasts as well as recorded inserts.  There are also 10 edit suites and of course all the usual dressing rooms, client areas etc.


Incidentally, these studios are not to be confused with Park Royal Studios, which are some equally impressive photographic and event hire studios and don’t appear to be connected with this business.