Martin Kempton

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Please contact me via email if you have any comments, corrections or additions.  If you have documents or photos you would like to post to me then again email me and I shall let you know my address.

I have said so in numerous places throughout this site but I'll say it again - I am aware that there are still bound to be some errors and omissions in these documents.  I genuinely welcome any information that might help with these.  Believe it or not, I am quite busy working most of the time so the corrections may not appear immediately, but they always will in due course!


I am occasionally contacted by people asking where they might find archive tapes of old programmes.  I'm afraid that's a mystery to me too.  Also, some people have asked me to place an appeal on the site to try to trace colleagues from years ago.  This isn't really the place for that frankly and once I start I know I will spend most of my time trying to keep all that up to date.  Sorry if this appears a bit harsh but there are websites that deal specifically with that kind of thing.


Many thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to contact me.  You are all listed on the bibliography page.