Space Precinct

Gerry’s last TV series with real actors was  Space Precinct.  Originally titled ‘Space Police’, the name had to be changed because there was already an unrelated Lego set with that name.  At the time this was the most expensive TV show ever made in the UK.  Work began on the L and M stages at Pinewood in 1994.  The effects sequences were shot at Shepperton with Steven Begg once again in charge.  The series was shown from September 1995 on BBC2.  24 episodes were made between 1994 and 1995. 

The show was relatively successful in Europe and the UK although some thought it too violent for a 6 o’clock slot.  However, Gerry had always intended it to be watched by adults later in the evening.  Unfortunately, when you are the man who made Thunderbirds, that’s what people still expect.

I have read that the Americans unfortunately didn’t know what to make of it.  It looked to them like a kids show but the plot themes were very adult.  A second series was therefore not ordered.