That's the River Irwell on the left and just above the centre you'll see the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal flowing into it.  At the right hand end, just above Grape Street, is where studio 12 is now situated - and the canal is still there beneath it!  There is a locked steel door in the studios building that allows access to a tunnel with the canal in it.

The small canal branch upper centre of the map was filled in and the studio block was built there and into the timber yard between Quay St and Grape St with the main office building fronting Atherton St.

Note the significant railway sidings at the bottom of the map.  They were elevated on a complex system of viaducts and bridges.  The northernmost sidings pass by 'Charles St Warehouse.'  This was later called the 'Bonded Warehouse' and still exists.  In fact, one track actually entered the building, enabling the trucks to be offloaded.  To its right is a goods yard - this is where the Coronation St set was built in 1982 with Stage 1 between it and Lower Byrom St.  Stage 2 was built on the old track bed to the south of it - and it too still exists.  The Byrom St Warehouse is now part of the Science and Industry Museum.

One last thing to note - Between Water St and the river, next to Princes Bridge, is the New Botany Warehouse.  This was taken over by Granada and turned into shooting stages and props/wardrobe storage for groundbreaking drama series The Jewel in the Crown. Sadly, it burned down in January 1983.


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