This is where the lighting console originally stood.  During the 1980s and well into the '90s it was also where the studio lights were controlled for Grange Hill.  The small portable console sat on this old wooden desk.  (And some people think that the world of TV is glamorous.)  The tape on the desk drawer reads 'Grange Hill Master' - in other words, that's where the master plot was left each day and probably at the end of each series too.

The cartoons were added for amusement by Weazel - a BBC lighting vision supervisor (console op) whom once met was never forgotten.  Buzzcocks became one of his regular shows - he even appeared on it once at Mark Lamarr's feet, whilst trying to fix a faulty lightning effect controller.  Sadly he is no longer with us but is greatly missed.

Note that the lighting control is in a separate room from the vision control.  I find this very hard to understand as I am used to sitting between the two operators and we all work together as a team.  However, in the 1960s in most ITV studios, perhaps because of union rules, it was not possible for an electrician to sit alongside an engineer.